the people are dancing in the air

have you ever been to streettheatre?
i am going to it since i was very young, and i think it is fanatstic!
this act is one of my favourites:, froms Strange fruit:


finally a new post!
it wasn't my intention to stop blogging, but i just was bussy and forgotten it a little....
so a new post!
there is happened a lot, but i just want to tell you that i love the snow, really!


i am sorry but i am to busy to be able to think about blogging...
i am going to art shool in my weekends and i like it!

and i think this is a beautiful movie!

i need to clean my room


i am back from Terschelling


well i was very bussy working as a stylist! it is hard working!
but very nice! it is really something i like to do!

a very little shot of the stylist's atelier

i am tagged by martine. her are 10 random facts about me:
* when i was young i invited random people on the street for a cup of tea at my home

* i am taller than my parents (and i am very small)

* every summer night ther is a huge row with mosquitoes before my window, readdy to pick me

*i am always singing and dancing with my dad while we are washing up

*i still dodn´t know what is right or left

*i am always looking around me, to things who attracts me. sometimes i am so focust on something that i just walk against someboby of something.

*sinds i am born i am a vegetarian. when i was young i even didn´t want to eat eggs because i thought the yellow stuf was a little chicken.

*i have a huge obsesion with sewing, i think it is better than watching television

*next to being with friends, i really enjoy being alone.

* i am playing theatre for 12 years already.

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i am home alone,time to do things who are not aloud!
i am working for a fashion stylist!
today we started with shopping on the noordermarkt, nothing special for me but fun!
and then we arrived at her atelier, it is amazing! so big, full with chlothes!
we also had a fitting with very handsome actors:) it is totaly enjoying!


marianna juliana petronella

my dear grandma died... she was 95 and stil living like she was 18. she was always optimistic, a bit clumpsy, dancing weird, doing naughty things, making jokes, we were a little the same in that way. till she got a brain hemmorhage... now she don't has to suffer any more so i am happy for her, but i feel a bit empty.


it may sounds a little no life, but i made my own dairy. i couldn't find a dairy who reflects the way i am, and because my dairy is almost a part of my i thought i make one by myself. it sounds a little over the top, but i am always drawing in her, writing my thoughts, al the nice things i am doing are in her, and she is to beautiful to write homework in her.
i made the cover of a flower printed fabric, inside i wrote on al the pages the date and put in some poetry pictures.
actually it wasn't difficult to make, so i also made a dummy with some old wallpaper


i went with pieter to the park and we were thinking about our `new rave time´ like 2 years ago. then we made a pic on my bycicle we found really cool, but now a bit weird, so we decided to make a pic on the bycicle again! we had so much fun

the 2009 version!
the old new rave pic


i found an old box with barbies, actually i hardly played with barbies, i only liked to change or make their chlothes. but i got lots of barbies from my lovely grand-ma (i didn´t got barbies of my mom because she was a little bit feminist and against `the perfect barbie body´).
but when i saw the chlothes (not the pieces i made by myself, they are terrible) i was amazed! some of them are really nice vintage!

click on the pic for a good close up


skirt: vintage
blazer: customited: vintage
bag and shoes: marc jacobs