well i was very bussy working as a stylist! it is hard working!
but very nice! it is really something i like to do!

a very little shot of the stylist's atelier

i am tagged by martine. her are 10 random facts about me:
* when i was young i invited random people on the street for a cup of tea at my home

* i am taller than my parents (and i am very small)

* every summer night ther is a huge row with mosquitoes before my window, readdy to pick me

*i am always singing and dancing with my dad while we are washing up

*i still dodn´t know what is right or left

*i am always looking around me, to things who attracts me. sometimes i am so focust on something that i just walk against someboby of something.

*sinds i am born i am a vegetarian. when i was young i even didn´t want to eat eggs because i thought the yellow stuf was a little chicken.

*i have a huge obsesion with sewing, i think it is better than watching television

*next to being with friends, i really enjoy being alone.

* i am playing theatre for 12 years already.

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some facts about you , are facts about me too /// if you know what i mean.....

Maxine zei

Aaw wat vet! En mooi dat het goed gaat :D Ik ben nu terug van Lowlands, het was zoo ontzettend leuk! het gaat nu wel goed alleen idd wel moe en kapot haha. maaar was leuk