Going crazy-bazy out in the night

Because of a half year anniversery of me and my best friend Tim we decided to make a big party on September the 14th. A half year ago, yes February the 14th : Valentine´s Day we became friends. Not because we fell in love at eachother, but just as friends. So we went to a very nice party with the best electro music en the most fashionalbe people. Its called Katapult in the Studio 80, a club in Amsterdam I really like! It was the most crazied night in my life! When the party was finished, we were invited for a afterparty @ Ased (such a cool boy!). It became a very special night and came home at 8.30 in the morning. So you undersand I was very tired!
Here are some pics of Tim and me:

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getting-freaky zei

Aah dankje voor je lieve reactie, en weer een leuke post met leuke gezellige foto's! x

Pink zei

Oh, you're such a cute couple. Looks, like a really funny party!