New rave

Last schoolyear I organised for culture & art lessons (ckv in dutch) a new rave fashionshow. I had 5 models includsing myself( actually they are classmates ) and I had to style them in new rave clothes. I made t-shirts for them, and surched for clothes and accesory. Unfortunately i have only one picture... and my models have taken their shirts to home. But I´m also in the party commitee, and we decided to organise a new rave school party. It was very fun because I´m the creative member of the commitee, only the budget was to low for al my idears. But we made very much decoration, gave everybody icecreams and had fluorescent tape!
some decoration:

having fun: (I´m the yellow one)

(hihi thats me!)
I think it was very fun to see how al the first-formers made their ´new rave´oufit!

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