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Hello everybody!
I have never told you that I really like to play theatre, I´m playing now for 11 years. A friend of my knows that I like to play and ask if I would go with him to configurate in a movie. Actually I don´t like to configurate, because I have played in some plays and little movies and don´t want to be just a bypass. But I thought it could be fun and decided to go. The movie takes place in the sixties and is about hippies (its dutch, I dont know the english name). I really like hippies! So I went to my mothers wardrobe and found some very nice sixties clothes!

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Pink zei

Oh, what a funny outfit! I play theatre, too and sometimes I got small film reels. It makes so much fun!

ooohmaureen zei

leuke blog heb je :)

Martine zei

toffe fotos weer :D

Danz zei

I love to wear themed outfits sometimes too! The colour of that dress is really pretty and the scarf and sunglasses are great!

we wear things zei

great blog! and what a fab vintage look!