I have made a new dress! This time it was a very difficult patern, but with my new sewingmachine (not very new anymore) I did it easy!

I can tell you how I made my clothes! In Amsterdam is a vintage market, the Noordermarkt and the clothes and other stuff are very cheap and nice! So I´m going to the Noordermarkt as much as I can (it´s only on monday morning...) But you can see, I´m a little girl and I don´t fit so much dresses and al other stuff... so I buy very big skirts an dresses, cut them in a big as posible piece of fabric. Then I make a patern of the skirt/dress/other thing I want to make, and I sew it to a new piece of clothing!

So last monday I went with Pieter to Amsterdam for shopping and the Noordermarkt. I wore my new selfmade dress and we dicided to make some pictures!

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Danz zei

Awesome pics and outfit! I really love the cap and the dress you made! Great job!

Hey, would you be interested in trading links?


ah ik vind de foto's zo leuk :D
die muur en die auto zijn echt tof.
en je hoedje & jurkje zijn superfantastisch! :D
kusje iris