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Things that make my happy:

defnitely! I love to make my own clothes, shopping in little vintage shops, making different combinations, and I also want to go to the fashionacademie.

oké, this is a very old picture, but its me with a part (shame) of my clothes

I like to see beatiful pictures, and make them by myself! I have bought a very nice camera (sony alpha 350) last summer, now I´m experimenting what I love to make

I enjoye the nights going out with my friends! I prefere to go to amsterdam, specially studio 80! M.U.L.T.I.S.E.X.I. is my favorite party! There I can dress myself up how I like it, and the people are very nice!

*John Galliano
He is one of my favorite designers! I think his style is great, and I think he is a very funny person! He dresses hisself very creative & beatiful, and can designer the most beautiful clothes for Dior and his own label.

Colours are, I think my biggest inspiration source, I´m always wearing colours! Colours makes me happy! Who won´t love colours?

*Francesca Woodman
She is a photographer, and I love het pictures! Most of her pictures are selfportrets, but you can hardly see her face. Many pictures are taken in her room, what is a little bit trashy, but I love it!

The blogs I love:
* Moderniteter
* Lisaplace
* Almah
* Loveology
* adieu adieu adieu

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Anoniem zei

yes, het is mij, het is mij. je kunt er alleen niet op klikken, of moet dat ook niet? ja sorry, ik ben nog zo ongelofelijk stom met dit! ik snap er werkelijk niets van! ik ga er zo maar weer eens wat opzetten. dankjewel eva, ik voel me gevleid dat ik er tussen sta!

she loves the radio zei

aah wat een leuke post hihi :). en je kleren, wauw wat kleurrijk en mooi. en ook heeeel erg tof dat je zelf kleding maakt! en het lijkt me zo vet om in a'dam uit te gaan. xx

Jantine zei

Wat heb je een leuke blog! En een heeeerlijke kledingcollectie ;
Ik vind je stijl echt heel gaaf!