Sorry I'm not so very much posting the last time, I 'm so busy with the plays, and it goes very well! All the shows are soled out and everybody love my character!

I was choosen out with my school (of all the free schools) for a talentday at the art academie in Amsterdam, me and Martha could work the hole day in a photography studio. I have learned very much, but it isn't the way of photography I like the most.... It is very technical, and 'commercial', I like more the arty pics, in the nature or a space where you see so many beatiful things, more than a white/black background.

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tracy zei

oowh, ik wens dat ik daar was!

getting-freaky zei

mooie foto's

she loves the radio zei

woow, cool !
zitten echt mooie/leuke foto's tussen hihi.

Rinan' zei

aww hello :)
I'm Renan and I really really loved your blog!
I would like to me my own clothes too but im not very good at that and I dont know anyone that could help me :/
I'm really interested in photos, colours, cinema and other things with art, thats why i read like 3 pages of your blog x]
My email is renanalcantara@hotmail.com , i hope we can be in touch.

good luck with the play!
Renan :)

Anoniem zei

your photos are the most entertaining ever.

i love your blog.

Suzanne zei

leuk geruit jurkje!