Pietje is back!

Pietje is the best pencil case I have ever had! yes you think pencil case? it is a fish! that is why my pencil case was the best, it is a fish and pencil case, called Pietje! everybody loved Pietje, but this clumpsy little blond girl lost him.... like I lost or forget so many thing...
well i bought Pietje on Terschelling, and couldn't find a new pencil case in my hometown... but today I was in Amsterdam and I found a new Pietje! I jumped in the air of happyness!

well I 'm a little bit ignorred because I want to make a gickr thing, but it is just that I am very bad with computers.... and it wont work! is there somebody who can help me

3 opmerkingen:

Tiddde zei

HA! zo'n Etui had ik ook! of misschien heb ik 'm nogsteeds ergens.. een groene!

nou dagg!


ms zei

omg geweldig die wilde ik ook!
die was toch van de chill out.

Nathalie Snip zei

je heb een heel leuk jurk of trui aaan
nou het is super fleurig en leuk